Leprechaun 2 (1994)

Leprechaun proved to be a video hit, so a sequel was not far behind.  

This Leprechaun location series is featured in Horrors Hallowed Grounds in the March 2018 issue of HorrorHound Magazine. Below are links for each film:


The film opens in Ireland one-thousand years ago, but of course, was filmed in California.  The scene was shot in Griffith Park in Los Angeles. In present day, we begin at 7th and Broadway in Downtown Los Angeles.

The Darkside Tours car is parked across the street from the old Woolworth’s, now a Ross store.

Brennan’s Bar is a real tavern, located at 4089 Lincoln Boulevard in Marina Del Rey, California.  Better known for their Turtle Racing than its Leprechaun 2 status, it is great place to visit.  It looks like this door was on the left side of the building, but the exterior has changed since filming.

They have had some remodeling, but much of interior looks identical as it appears in the film. 

The ones pot that did change was the restrooms which were moved back from their original location, but the pool table is in the same place.

The tour gets underway just outside of downtown and stops in front of this house as 1237 West Court Street. 

For Madonna fans, this is just down the street for the location used in her Open Your Heart music video. 

The tour’s next stop is Harry Houdini’s estate and surprisingly, this is the actual location. Houdini practiced many of his illusions here before his death. The original mansion burned down in 1959, but the grounds were restored and is now open for weddings and events.  It is located at 2400 Laurel Canyon Boulevard in Los Angeles. This area is not visible from the street, but I was fortunate enough to be allowed to photograph the estate on a recent visit.

The Grand Prix was torn down and replaced by a car dealership.  It was located at 19550 Nordhoff Street in Northridge, California.  (Thanks to my friend Rayen for taking the last two photographs here.)

The tour leaves and drives through this intersection at Shirley and Parthenia Streets in Northridge. 

We are now back downtown as drive through a red light at 1st and Beaudry, just down the block from the location of the homeless camp in They Live

Next we are outside a theater, originally located at 1313 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica. The rest of the scene appears to be shot somewhere else.

We later return to Brennan’s...

...but the reverse shot is in downtown Los Angeles at the corner of 7th and Broadway.

...and back to the interior of Brennan's again.

Love this shot of the Leprechaun sitting at the end of the bar.  And bonus for the Leprechaun statue in a current similiar spot!

Not screen-matched here, but we there is a quick shot of the Palace Theatre in downtown LA.

Back at the Houdini Estate for this shot of Cody entering a cave, which is actually just a little alcove on the grounds.  Of course, the interior of the cave was all shot on a set.

And for the final shot, we are at the Houdini Estate again.  You can see a lot of the landscaping has changed over the years, but can still spot the red brick wall and staircase.

For the final picture, here is me with the actual Leprechaun at Brennan’s as seen in the film. Who could pass up a photo op like that? 

Lep2 999.jpg