Leprechaun (1993)


The Leprechaun franchise is the “little series that could” generating five sequels and the unavoidable remake. Produced with fairly low budgets and with varying degrees of success, the series had a lot of fun and took chances to create new stories and environments.  Of course, Warwick Davis is the key to the triumph of the series. He was obviously relishing his time as the lead character and it shows throughout all the films.

This Leprechaun location series is featured in Horrors Hallowed Grounds in the March 2018 issue of HorrorHound Magazine. Below are links for each film:



The original was filmed in late 1991, but not released until 1993. Although it’s set in North Dakota, it was shot in California with most interiors filmed at Valencia Studios.
The film opens as a limousine makes its way to the house. This was actually the entrance to the Big Sky Ranch, where most of the film was shot.  Located in Simi Valley, the ranch is not open to the public, but you can drive to this particular spot. 

Making her film debut, Jennifer Anniston drives through the Malibu canyons north of Los Angeles. This definitely does not look like North Dakota!

The house and barn were located at the Big Sky Ranch, but they do not appear to be still standing.  The ranch has a rich history of locations including Little House on the Prairie, Rawhide and Carnivale.  Most recently it has appeared in Westworld and Annabelle: Creation. 

The hospital was the same one used in Halloween III: Season of the Witch, located near the corner of Terra Bella Street and Eldridge Avenue in Lake View Terrace, California. Sadly, this was just torn down in the past year. Just down the block is another location used as the hospital exterior for Terminator 2 and interior hospital scenes in Bad Dreams

The other hospital building seen later in the film was adjacent to the red brick one. These were the same doors Dr. Challis ran out of in Halloween III.  I am guessing this was originally called the Hillview Center, but the production added a ‘c’ to the sign to make it Chillview. 

Joe’s Coins and Collectibles was originally located at 25857 Railroad Avenue in Santa Clarita, California.  Eventually, the store became part of the café shown in the next scene. 

The Saugus Café is located at 25865 Railroad Avenue.  The front door has since moved to the left of its original location. 

Inside the café, it has remained essentially the same and has been used for many productions, including Justified and The Grifters. Definitely worth a visit and for a good lunch! 

The road where the Leprechaun is driving his little car is also right outside the Big Sky Ranch.  This is at the corner of Tapo Canyon Road and Bennett Road.  

After being pulled over, the Leprechaun attacks the cop, but the chase scene continues about 40 miles away in the Tapia Park in Agoura Hills, California. 

The Leprechaun on roller-skates is at the same corner at Tapo Canyon Road and Bennett Road in Simi Valley, near the entrance to the movie ranch.

I was fortunate to meet Warwick several years ago!   Be sure to check out the locations for all the films in the Leprechaun series!